Monday, June 25, 2012

MLB star hits Skid Row

Dodgers reliever Josh Lindblom speaks with Charles, a St.
Louis native who lives in a nearby shelter/Yahoo
No, drugs or alcohol haven't obliterated the life of a former major leaguer. Instead, an active player, the L.A. Dodgers' Josh Lindblom, is volunteering to go to those "fabled" streets and bring food to the homeless, while also sharing his religious beliefs, but not pushing them on people.

First, I like his honesty. He admits he was scared when he first went down there.

Second, I like the fact that he's not "preachy." Here's his take on the situation in the area:
"It's not God who has failed us, it's us who have failed all these people," Josh said. "They're just family members who've fallen on hard times." 
Let's all agree on that, whether we believe what Josh does or not. We, as a society, may have failed these people.

Josh isn't failing them though. His Josh Lindblom Foundation just launched.

And, Josh sounds like he's not a fake about any of this. From the same Yahoo story:
We wanted to make a change in people's lives," he said. "What they don't know is the change they're making in my heart. There's nowhere else I'd rather be." 
Let's hope his hope rubs off on the people he is trying to help. Click the link above to learn more about that help he wants to offer.

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